Message to interested medical students


Cairo University has an outstanding neurosurgical residency program.

The parameters of excellence include:

  • Preparation to the master degree of Neurosurgery exam.
  • Entrance into competitive Fellowships.
  • Graduating as an independent operating general neurosurgeon capable of managing a broad range of brain, spine and peripheral nerve pathology.
  • Robust sub-specialty experience including Neuroendoscopy,pediatric Neurosurgery and Skull base surgery
  • Excellence in teaching
  • A clearly stated Academic curriculum.
  • Research opportunity and support.
  • Clinical service with a premium of education and service.
  • Connections with the broader international neurosurgical community.

When considering a residency program, all these characteristics should weigh into your decision.  The Neurosurgical Residency Program at Cairo University  excels at all criteria- with a documented track record of graduating excellent clinical, technical and Academic neurosurgeons.

Post Graduate

Fellowship of Neuroendoscopy

Project: Cairo Greifswald Neurosurgery 

Course Outline

This fellowship program is aiming to train young neurosurgeons on using the endoscope in various neurosurgical procedures, in addition to give them a wide overview that would help in decision making in various clinical scenarios.


Application Criteria

Please note: Age/gender, distribution (Working in Cairo or outside Cairo), and nationalities of the sponsored candidates will be specified every year accordingly by the funding institution.


For the year 2021 the program is funded by the DAAD with the focus to train young neurosurgeons from Egypt in neuro-endoscopic techniques. Therefore the candidates have to be Egyptian residents.


Candidates have to be not older than 45 years by December, 31st 2021, with a minimum of three years of experience in Neurosurgery and must be fluent in English language. 

02.09.2021 Important Announcement for New Applicants : 

There would be good chance for applicants who have already took an EU approved vaccine fully , in addition to candidates who are working outside Cairo to apply for the fellowship next year, for pre-applicaton inquiries,  requests for Modules attendance and getting more information, please contact us by filling the following form:

IMPORTANT: This is a survey to help us to prepare for the next modules for you ans IS NOT THE APPLICATION PROCEDURE needed to get the fellowship.

Neurosurgery Department calendar

Dear all this announcement for any interested member of our department to join neurotrauma reseach team including application link.
All department members are welcomed . All are encouraged to apply and write two to three research questions in the application and We will have our first meeting after one week from time you receive this e mail.
Application link:


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