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Neurosurgery Update Courses

Fast track curriculum review in the fields of : Basic Anatomy of the brain and skull; New trends in Radiodiagnostics; Techniques of Intraoperative localization; Concept of minimally invasive neurosurgery; Surgical options for Hydrocephalus; Neurooncology; New trends in Low grade gliomas; Craniopharyngiomas in adults; Pituitary tumors and endocrinology; CSF repair and endoscopic skull base surgery; Endoscope assisted technique in cerebral aneurysms; Functional Neurosurgery; Microvascular decompression; and DREZotomy.

Intended learning objectives:
  • Identify neurosurgical treatments and their limitations
  • Distinguish the principles associated with neurosurgery
  • Discuss  the different strategies regarding  complications related to neurosurgery
  • Define  areas of  strength and weakness regarding
  • Demonstrate their mastery of the material by responding to questions on each lecture

Faculty (2016):

Professor Dr. Ahmed Zohdi                         Professor of Neurosurgey, Cairo University
                                                                    Special Interest: Endoscopic minimally invasive Neurosurgery

Professor Dr. Henry W. S. Schroeder          Professor of Neurosurgery- Greifswald University, Germany
                                                                    Special Interest: Endonasal Skull base surgery, Functional Neurosurgery

Professor Dr. Amr El Samman                    Professor of Neurosurgery- Cairo University
                                                                     Special Interest: Endonasal Skull base surgery, Vascular Neurosurgery

Dr. Matteo De Notaris                                    Consultand Neurosurgeon-Italy
                                                                        Special Interest: Skull base anatomy, endoscopic endonasal surgery

Dr. Jan Uwe.Mueller                                      Consultant Neurosurgeon- Greifswald Univeristy
                                                                        Special Interest: Functional Neurosurgery, Deep brain stimulation

Ass. professor Dr. med Joerg Baldauf         Associate Professor of Neursurgery, Cairo Unviersity
                                                                    Special Interest: Neurooncology, Neuroendoscopy

Dr.med Steffen Fleck                                    Consultant Neurosurgeon, Greifswald University
                                                                    Special Interest: Hydrocephalus, Pediatric Neurosurgery

Dr.med Ehab El Refaee                            Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery , Cairo University
                                                                Special Interest: Neuroanatomy,Hydrocephalus, Skull base surgery
Mr. Mohamed Okasha                                Registrar of Neurosurgery UK
                                                                    Special Interest: Skull base anatomy; CSF repair

Dr. Ahmed Allam                                            Ass. Professor of Neurosurgery, Cairo University
                                                                    Special Interest: Functional Neurosurgery, Neurooncology

Next course 3-5 December 2016 in Greifswald University Campus (Germany)
Schedule will be available soon

Accreditation Statement
This activity has been planned and implemented in accordance with the accreditation requirements and policies of the Univesity Medicine Greifswald in accordance with the Medical Syndicate.


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